February is looking great and snow free! Feb, 7 2014

Florida Keys Winter conditions this year are amazing!  The day time weather is Spring like with highs of 78-82f and the nights are a cool 72f,  we have had wonderful winds as well. The extended forecast looks like we will sty warm for several weeks and no one is complaining around here.

The fishing on the nearshore reefs in as little as 8 feet of water has been spectacular!  We are catching a mixed bag of Grouper, Hog fish, Snappers of all sorts, Porgies and Cero Mackerels.  Permit are showing up on rock piles and eating crab and shrimp with gusto.  On these calm days we have been fishing the edge of the reef in 60 – 120 feet of water and catching Bonito and Kingfish on light tackle.

Catching Cuda

Barracuda on the reef


Bamboo Charters has added two new Ranger Boat Company Bahia Bay Boats, the Bahia 220 is powered by a Mercury Marine 150 HP outboard and the 240 Bahia is powered by a Mercury Marine 250 Verado Fourstroke outboard. Both boats have Garmin GPS – Depth Finder units, ICOM VHF radio and Fusion Marine Stereos with Bluetooth connectivity so you can bring your own sound track to fish by.  The Ranger Bahia is roomy, stable, dry and built to catch fish by a company that has been building tournament winning boats for 46 years now!  Bamboo Charters began using Bay Boats 15 years ago and proved to everyone that Bay Boats are the way to fish the waters that surround the Florida Keys day in, Day out.


Yellow Jack

Yellow Jack put up a great fight on the reef.


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Winter begins today here in the Florida Keys! Really its 82F and sunny! Fishing Update Dec 21 2013.

This Florida Keys Fishing Report comes from the heart of the Sportfishing World, Islamorada sits smack dab in the middle of some of the best water to be found on Planet Earth!  The guides of Islamorada are to fishing what the Duck Dynasty guys are to hunting!  The Robertsons made Duck Hunting a family affair, fun for everyone and the same can be said for Islamorada Florida.  Sportfishing, Deepsea Fishing, Inshore Fishing, Flats & Backcountry Fishing, Skiff Fishing or Bay Boat Fishing has something for the whole family!  From the docks here at my home port of La Siesta Marina at mile marker 80.5 on the bayside of Islamorada we have three distinct bodies of water where we can fish on any given day and all from one of our Ranger Boat Companies well built Bay boats.

Sailfish Tournaments

Sailfish season is here in Islamorada the Florida Keys.

Easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean sits just beyond the channel entrance to our marina.  The diversity of sea life is so rich that a good bit of these waters are designated as Everglades National Park, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary or State Park.  These waters are a treasure for us all to enjoy.

Mercury powered Ranger

Mercury powered Ranger Bay boats are the official power and boats of Bamboo Charters.

This Winter season is shaping up to be a stellar one for sure!  With the rest of North America is enduring cold, rainy, snowy weather and we here in the Florida Keys are enjoying 72- 82f degree weather with no end in sight to this warm balmy trend!  The cold miserable weather to our north has pushed huge shoals of baitfish into our waters and along with this bait migration we have enjoyed a influx of wonderful gamefish.  Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, King Mackerel, Wahoo have moved into our deeper offshore waters and the reef bite for Grouper, Snapper, Cero Mackerel and more has been epic!  The shallow waters of the Gulf and Florida Bay play host to Redfish, Snook, Bonefish, Permit, Cobia Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Sharks and Sea Trout!

We are looking forward to taking you and your group or family out on the water this Winter and showing all a great time on the water. Check out our web sites and Facebook pages to see what we have to offer and set up some great fishing charters today.  Also check out our Resort Las Siesta Resort and Marina for a wonderful family get away.

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January 2014 Fishing Forecast for the Florida Keys.

January is our first full month of Winter and I’m really interested in how it will turn out.  The rest of the country has been locked in Winters cold embrace since October up until now and we have have a wonderfully warm Fall and Winter has been very nice as well.  The early cold weather to our North set off a very prolific Sailfish season and bait has been plentyful and a the Dolphin bite has stayed strong considering the time of the year!
Redfishing gets good in the Florida Keys

Nice redfish cause big grins.

The shallow water gang in their bay boats and poling skiffs have been happy with the action on the flats and in the backcountry and the bit of wind that has been blowing has’nt been horrific by any measure.  
   The offshore fishing community lives for Sailfish season and we are smack dab in the middle of it right now.  North winds and bait pods go hand in hand and where there is bait there will be packs of Sailfish all lit up in neon looking to feed.  Kite fishermen, fly fishermen, slow trollers and shower chasers will all have a chance to battle these great fish.  The great thing about all of the different techniques that are out there can be done from the same boat, the crews that man the charter boats that ply our waters are the best in the World!  These guys can do it all and they do it day in and day out.  Along the way throuh out the day you will get shots at more than just Sails,  Tuna, Wahoo, Mackerels and Mahi can pop up arounfd the boat at any minute and these guys will be ready for come what may.
Big Jack on top water plugs.

Big Jack Crevalles wreak havoc on light tackle in the Florida Keys.


   Fishing the reef from in shallow, to out on the edge and beyond can be productive this time of the year. Yes Grouper are catch and release only until May 1, here in the Keys you have so many other great eating fish for the table that it really doen’t hurt as much when you drop another big Black Grouper over the edge of the boat to fight another day!  Mutton snapper, flag Yellowtail and fat Mangrove snappers will be caught in good numbers and the cook up just fine at night.  The shallow patch reefs found close in towards shore will lay in the lee of Winter winds and you can fish these spots in comfort in North to Northwest winds from smaller boats.  The locals will pick their days to fish the patches looking for snappers, Hogfish, grouper, Macks, Porgies and more.  It great action and easy to do!
   The backcountry and Gulf fishing is wide open as well.  Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout are the headliners and Bonefish, Permit and the Winter hold over Tarpon are going to be around.  The shallow waters of Florida Bay offer calm waters and shelter from the winds of Winter and the wide variety of fish to go after is amazing.  Gulf waters have the added species like Cobia, Pompano, King and Spanish Mackerel to weeten the deal.  All of this is easily accessable from the upper Keys. 
Take a day and pick your fish and get out on the water, you know its everywhere around us!
Thank you for following along and GO FISH
Capt. Matt Bellinger
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