Kayak Fishing the Florida Keys October 17 2011.

Florida Keys Kayak Fishing is a great way to reach out of the way waters that are untouchable from conventional boats.  The best way to cover water from a kayak is to use a “Mother Skiff”, in other words, use a larger motor boat to reach workable waters with out the effort of long paddles over great distances.  Bamboo Charters of Islamorada Florida offers just this service to anglers who would like to try kayak fishing here in the Keys.

Jason Arnold with his very first Sea Trout.

Jason with a Trout caught on top water

Mother Skiffing opens up so much more water for a Kayak fisherman here in the Florida Keys.  A short run across Florida Bay into the Evergades National Park and you will find yourself paddling anf fishing waters that you will enjoy all to yourself.  Kayaks are the best stealth boats in the world!  You glide across the shallow grass flats virtually undetected by the fish life that surrounds you.

The great thing about fishing from a kayak is that it is a back to the basics thing.  Two fishing rods at the most and a small tackle bag of lures is all you need. Along with a small cooler and a camera and you are ready for action.


Lure selection for your Florida Keys Kayak fishing trip is simple.  A few top water baits like Zara Spooks, Storm Chug Bugs and Z-Man soft plastic jerk baits will do.  Bucktail jigs from Capt. Hank Brown Hook Up Lures in 1/8 & 1/4 ounce sizes in a skimmer model will do well in tan and brown colors.  Tip these with Berkley Gulp! shrimp for somw scent.  I also like a weedless rigged Gulp! jerk shad to cover the water around the kayak.

You should use a 7 to 8 foot spinning rod rigged with a 400 series spinning reel.  we use Fenwick rods and Penn Battle reels spooled up with 15 lb test Spiderwire Invisibraid line.  Shallow clear water makes the need for florocarbon leaders and we use Ohero 20 pound test for this.

Fredom Hawk kayaks

Freedom Hawk kayaks prove very effective on the flats

Bamboo Charters offer kayak fishing charters from Freedom Hawk Kayaks, the most stable and flexible kayaks on the market.  These kayaks quickly convert from a traditional kayak to a sponson or pontoon stabilized stand up platform. (Top photo) The bottom photo shows the Freedom Hawk in its standard configuration.  You can fish these kayaks from a standing or sitting down position and they offer plenty of deck space for tackle bag storage and two rod holders.  Converting the Freedom Hawk into its open position takes 10 seconds and then you are able to fish and pole your kayak along from a standing position that allows for easy sight fishing.

Check Bamboo Charters out for kayak fishing here in the Florida Keys.

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